Baltimore Bridge Inspection Services,
Baltimore City and Baltimore County, Maryland


  • Bridge Superstructure Inspection
  • Bridge Substructure Inspection
  • Retaining Wall Inspection

SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company,  provided bridge condition inspection and engineering services for Bridges in both Baltimore City and Baltimore County under this contract.  The work included coordination with vendors providing access equipment and traffic control measures (including acquiring Baltimore City Traffic Office permits) “hands-on” inspection of all accessible structural elements on the subject bridge spans that cross over stream, roadway, railroad, trail and etc. SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, performed inspections and prepared reports, re- inspected bridges as interim annual inspections, performed Engineering and evaluation services for Load Rating for Three Span, Steel Beam/Concrete Deck Bridges and Load Rating for Three Span, Concrete Box Beam Bridges. SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, also coordinated with a supplier to schedule the use of a boat to acquire soundings at several locations that could not be done otherwise.


All inspections were conducted in accordance with Publication FHWA NHI 03-001, Bridge Inspector’s Reference Manual and AASHTO Manual for Condition Evaluation of Bridges.    During the inspection, field notes, measurements and (digital) photographs of found defects were obtained.  SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, inspection personnel gained access to bridge elements with snooper, bucket truck, Maintenance of Traffic and lighting equipment.


SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, utilized Inspecttech software to prepare inspection reports that include  description of the bridge, the inspection findings and recommendations of repair actions, comparison of current inspection findings and those noted in the previous inspection report, color photographs of all noted significant defects along with six standard photographs (both bridge elevations views, the approach views as positioned at the each end of the bridge and both approach roadways as positioned on the bridge deck), field inspection notes and sketches of found defects, SI&A input sheets in each of the Inspection Reports with a copy of the input sheets showing the changes highlighted, updated Pontis element data and condition ratings reports, and Sounding Sheet and Baseline Soundings (if applicable).

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