On-Call Traffic Engineering and ITS
Baltimore, MD

SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, has provided signal timing, ITS and related services for multiple tasks during this long standing on-call contract.



  • Signal Design & Construction
  • Signal Timing & Optimization
  • CCTV & VMS Design
  • GIS
  • On-Going On-Site Support


Featured Task: Fells Point & Canton Traffic Signal Timing

SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, optimized signal timing of 120 traffic signals in the high-growth Southeast business/ waterfront district area in advance of the relocation of 2k employees to the new Excelon building. Prepared GIS to determine bad-comm signals, evaluated impacts of clock-drift, and developed recommendations for the installation of GPS to maintain time-base coordination. The work included traffic data collection, Synchro model development, signal timing design, field implementation and field fine tuning. Developed TSM recommendations to improve signal efficiencies including phasing, lane configurations, parking, and curb space management.

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