Citywide Traffic Signal Timing Optimization
Baltimore, MD

SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, was the lead consultant for this ACEC award-winning citywide signal timing optimization.


  • Cost Analysis
  • ATMS Programming
  • Signal Optimization
  • Pedestrian/CBD/Urban Signal Timing
  • Signal Timing Training

The Baltimore traffic signal retiming project was by far one of the largest signal optimization projects in the country. It encompassed many complex and unique scenarios and methods regarding signal timing optimization philosophies and strategies, pedestrians signal timings, cycle length selection, network partitioning, coordination analysis, queue management, calibration of the optimization model and selection of performance measures. Innovative applications included a shortcut method of optimizing signal timings for corridors that required a quick turn-around to address construction and community needs utilizing the preliminary signal timing output from the partially-constructed model; innovations in building the modeling using locally collected data, testing with the time-space diagram, and calibrating it using statistical methods to match local conditions prior to using it to generate optimized signal timings; innovative development of a database program to automate the process of calculating yellow, red, walk and flashing don’t walk times; innovation in testing new signal timings and patterns  night to work out any issues or problems before AM rush hour traffic; and innovations in application of optimization methodologies for the downtown-grid using a utility index.

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