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  • Structural Inspection


SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, was responsible for the inspection of 179 bridges throughout Maryland.  These inspections included bridges in Montgomery County, Caroline County, Alleghany County, Baltimore County, Garrett County, Washington County, Harford County, and Baltimore City.  The structures inspected consisted of concrete and steel bridges, concrete and steel culverts, and timber bridges.  Hands-on inspections were performed for vehicular bridges over waterways, roadways, and railroad tracks.  Snoopers, bucket trucks, ladders, boats, bucket boats, hi-rail vehicles, and rigging were utilized to gain access to the structures. SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, personnel coordinated with vendors to obtain all necessary traffic permits, railroad safety training, and access equipment.  Stream soundings were taken for bridges over waterways and compared to the base year data to track changes to the stream bed.  Written inspection reports were prepared for each structure which included identification photographs, summary of findings, photographs for notable defects, review of load ratings (if available), repair recommendations, Structural Inventory and Appraisal (SI&A) forms, PONTIS forms, and sounding data (if applicable).  The majority of the reports were completed using InspectTech.


Three of the 179 bridges noted above were inspections of bridges with fracture critical members of Amtrak Railroad property.  These structures included a steel box girder, steel

through girders, and a steel pier.  SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, performed confined space inspections for the steel

box girder and steel pier.


This project also included performing one load rating computation for a three-span reinforced concrete arch bridge in Montgomery County.

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