Klingle Valley Trail Lighting
Washington, D.C.

SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, provided project wide lighting design to provide low impact, energy efficient pedestrian style lighting along the barricaded portion of Klingle Valley Trail between Cortland Place, N.W. and Porter Street, N.W., covering an area of 0.7 miles in the area formerly known as Klingle Valley Road, will now be replaced with a 10-foot wide multi-use pedestrian access-only trail.


  • Lighting Design
  • IES Photometrics


The lighting design was developed with the intended purpose of promoting safe conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists using the new path during nighttime hours. The light level calculations were based on lighting criteria taken from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and District of Columbia Streetlight Policy and Design Guidelines. In addition, the engineering design was prepared following District of Columbia Department of Transportation Design and Engineering Manual for Street Lighting.  SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, prepared electrical lighting design plans based on a detailed photometric analysis using advanced lighting software (AGI32). The photometric analysis determined maximum pole spacing to provide for a well-balanced and efficient lighting system. Due to the trail’s close proximity to the NPS managed lands. Reduced light pole heights and full cut-off light fixtures were utilized to eliminate all upward light and to minimize the amount of indirect light falling on the NPS managed land. The electrical lighting design plans, and photometric plans, indicated the type of luminaire and light pole proposed, all light pole locations, locations of hand boxes, routing of conduits, including circuit layouts and lighting schematics, and total estimated electrical loads. The electrical circuit layouts were supported by the preparation of voltage drop calculations for which no circuit was allowed to exceed a voltage drop of 5%. The design also included coordination with the local power company, and District of Columbia District Department of Transportation for determination of service drops.

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