Supplemental Consultant Engineering Support Services - 2015
BCS 2009-01B, District 4, Baltimore and Cecil Counties


  • Construction Inspection Services
  • On-Site Support


SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, has been responsible for providing 2 inspectors for the past two years in  MD SHA Districts # 3 & #4 in Maryland. Construction inspectors responsible for monitoring the set-up and maintaining Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) devices, HMA patching, W/L and overlaying of existing roadways. This includes inspetion of milling of existing asphalt to prepare HMA fabric, shoulder backfilling using stone and/or topsoil, placement as well as removal of temporary pavement tape.  Also included are the inspection of sketching, layout and placement of permanent line markings with placement of raised pavement markers (RPMs), and placement of signal loop detectors.

SAI, a Mead & Hunt Company, also provides two staff members is to maintain MD SHA Project Manager (project tracking program) with current data, tracking construction costs of projects, reviewing invoices, closing out construction projects, preparing correspondence and reviewing new projects to ensure cost estimates and plans are in compliance.

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